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Client Whisperer


3 Conversation Methods to Attract Raving Fans Without Going Raving Mad!

Ask the Best Questions to Attract the Best Clients

Content Creation

Create Engaging Content WITH Your Audience 

Easily co-create your content with your target audience without going raving mad!

Market Research

Market Research Like A Professional

Never wonder again what your target audience is thinking or wanting!

Best Questions to Best Clients

Best Questions For Your Best Clients

Ask the best questions to start the conversation that will build your community of raving fans.

No More Crickets!

There is nothing more frustrating then posting content or asking questions and hearing crickets!

There is SO much to talk about when learning about your ideal audience, how to engage them, and create a conversation that starts the relationship with your next raving fan!

Learn all about check-ins, collection and conversations with questions! 

3 different conversation kickstarters



Learn ways to check-in with your audience to find out what they are talking about and challenged with.



Collect important information from your audience so you can better serve them.

Love letters to your clients


Start conversations about what your audience is currently doing, what the are struggling with and what they are dreaming about.

Catharine O'Leary

The Quiz Queen

Many of the Fortune 100 companies today have worked with Catharine to better understand their best clients and create products, services and campaigns that best meet their clients needs. Catharine has asked 10,000's of consumers, 1,000's of questions to help create 100's of products and services.  

Kickstart the conversation is a masterclass in asking the best questions to attract your best clients all while engaging your community in a fun and innovative way! 

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